Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital - “Bara” – The largest Hospital in the 
Southern hemisphere and world leader with an interesting history and family conection.

Southern Africa Arms and Ammunition Collectors Association – SAAACA



The largest accredited Arms and Ammunition collectors association in South Africa.





Ditsong National Museum of Military History - War Museum



“The War Museum”, Saxonwold, Johannesburg.  A world class military history facility,



home of SAAACA and the Leopard.





Leopard Vehicle Restoration Project -



One of only 3 complete vehicles of the original 700, known to have survived the



Rhodesian Bush War. Designed and built in Rhodesia during the war period.



"Fighting Vehicles and Weapons of Rhodesia; 1965 to 1980"  the definitive publication
on vehicles such as the Leopard and indigenous weapons for the period


Authentic, hand made reproduction Hoods for the British MkI Mini Moke

(Information only, original materials no longer avilable)



Moonphase info for Longcase Clock owners, the phase shown is accurate for Johannesburg, South Africa (Southern hemisphere):

Click for Johannesburg, South Africa Forecast

Check below for current Barometric pressure / Barometer reading:

(The Barometric pressure is accurate for OR Tambo International Airport, but adequate for Barometers across the city as the Barometric pressure varies slightly with the differing altitudes across the city. This is the relative pressure reading, compensated for an altitude of 1550m).

   For live local weather conditions and Baro readings updated hourly - Go here 


SAST (South African Standard Time) = UTC +2hrs


   South African Master Clock Page - view online time and list of South African time servers


   NTP Internet Time Reference Server URL:  ntp.baragwanath.co.za


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