Hoods for the Mini Moke

Accurate and faithful hand made reproductions of the original for British MkI and Rhodie Moke

Not wanting an un-authentic or 'unknown' Hood for 281, the search began for both the patterns and a trimmer who was prepared to produce a hood that was as accurate and authentic as was possible and as a small bonus, less expensive than brining in to South Africa a ready-made hood from the UK.

The only concession in this regard was the use of modern materials as the original was not available and the modern materials are significantly more durable.

Research did not turn up the original patterns from the factory that where thought to exist, but after reference to a significant number of photographs, dimensioning from these photos and examining the remains of known original hoods for stitching, tucks etc, a pattern has been arrived at which is as faithful to the original that is possible under the circumstances.

(The hood shown on restored PW125 is not quite correct from the photos supplied as the sides seem to pull toward the center, which is as a result of the side overlaps not being separately cut and attached, this was learn the hard way on the first prototype hood produced and referring back to original photos).

The hoods do not have the necessary fixings to attach side panels to as these where not a feature of the Rhodie Mokes ex factory as far as is known, but provision for these has been made to be easily added in the future. Additionally, the hoods are not made with the front or rear fixtures or fixture holes in them unless specifically requested,  as so often these fixtures have been altered, move or modified on surviving vehicles. 

For more details,  please contact me at; mokeATbaragwanathDOTcoDOTza 


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